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The "3 system"  shell game of the  Federal Reserve Banks:

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The FedNet 5-year initiative started in 1990  to reengineer the Federal Reserve's fund transfer system, and consolidate twelve data centers (Districts)  into 3.

The East Rutherford Operations Center (EROC) at 100 Orchard Street, East Rutherford, New Jersey, is the regional office for cash
handling and processing of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The facility, which was constructed by Torcon, features a
400,000-square-foot (37,000 m2)
three-story structure which sits on 13 acres.  The structure is designed to house fail-safe
operations in a secure environment. The facility also has a state-of-the art automated vault measuring *one million cubic feet, used
for storing United States currency. The vault can hold at least USD 60 billion. It was from this facility that the United States
shipped some
$12 billion to Iraq much of which money subsequently is unaccounted for.

THIS CENTER IS ONE OF THREE Federal Reserve Automation Services (FRAS) facilities in the Federal Reserve Banks system.
They provide support for mission-critical payment systems.
They are the survivors of the FedNet 5-year initiative started
in 1990 to reengineer the Federal Reserve's fund transfer system, and consolidate
twelve data centers into 3.

If operations at East Rutherford fail, then the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond serve as backup, with the Federal
Reserve Bank of Dallas
as secondary backup.

*The total volume of Noah's Ark was roughly 1.5 million cubic feet, which is equal to the total
capacity of more than 570 standard stock cars used on a typical railroad

Glen Beck's interview with G. Edward Griffin, Author of "The Creature from Jekyll Island" on the creation of the  Federal Reserve

***FedNet appears to be still operational, worldwide.  Click on name above for website link.

08/29/2017 According to video in Houston, Texas where massive hurricane Harvey has struck, the Federal Reserve is "trucking in cash"!  According to the video below, Houston and Dallas combined have the biggest "vault" in the nation.  (No mention of the NJ Facility)  If there is no money and no gold, what is in these bigger than your imagination vaults NJ and now Houston and Dallas?

This video explains the fractional reserve banking system and the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve Bank. This is a very detailed explanation on the creation of currency within the Federal Reserve system. The inspiration for this video comes right out of the Federal Reserve's report Modern Money Mechanics.

You can read that document here:

Treasury Direct Accounts:  TDA

I would like to share this story that actually happened to a friend.

THE TDA ACCOUNTS ARE REAL. I have NO DOUBT on that. My close friend had a mortgage company call him and tell him "they received a large amount of money" ($245,000) and how to apply it, to the principal?

Now, my friend had "paid" that amount from what he thought was a bank that had his Trust account, to the mortgage company. Meaning... the mortgage company went to that bank and  had confirmed that the $245,000 was available, and then the Mortgage company called my friend.
That sound like a normal chain of events.

So, this involved the bank and the mortgage company before my friend received a call.  I am sure the mortgage company was confirming the large amount was available, and the bank saw it and confirmed the amount, thus the phone call.  No  bank or mortgage company would confirm that amount (this wasn't like a couple thousand) WITHOUT SEEING THE MONEY.

What happened? My best guess is that when the process went to payout from the SERVICING FED BANK, the answer was NO, and no money paid out with the excuse from the mortgage company that it wasn't enough to pay off the mortgage, when they asked if it was to be applied to the principal. .

We are not getting access to these account whatsoever. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who says they have access should as a humanitarian come forward in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS and SHOW that and give the process.

No one can do that. Filing paperwork just puts you in a fighting "city hall" scenario, that 's all. Unless you are taking control of your capital letter STRAWMAN.

Please  understand the Fed has locked down  the accounts and any holes are being plugged immediately.

WHAT TO LEARN FROM THIS:   My friend got closer than anyone, because THEY CALLED HIM, not the other way around. He didn't call and wanted to find out, he was actually "testing" the TDA account.

THEN....Ooops....that one almost got through, I am sure the FED in Atlanta is quite proud and probably is getting accolades from the King which is the NY fed.

BECAUSE,  know this: the FED operates on the system of 3. Yes, the old "shell game" principal. NY, GA, MN, the "pyramid scheme", etc.

ALL DISTRICTS;  6 for GA and 9 for MN;  are
ALL THE SERVICING BANKS in ALL DISTRICTS, except some in the 2nd District, NY.  Check it out  for yourself. NY has a relationship to a 3 story building on 13 acres in NJ with a one million cubic foot vault doing their business.   

NOTES ON THE VAULTS:  One million cubic foot vault in New Jersey s about the  equivalent of 520 box cars on a train?  So what is being kept in that vault? Worthless fiat currency it has printed?    Gold?  According to the latest  "help" on  Hurricane Harvey that hit Houston, the Federal Reserve in Dallas and Houston combined  have the biggest vaults to "store cash" for "emergencies".

So wait a minute, that could be over 1,040 box cars on a train.  That is a lot of cubic feet of . . What?

And, as a side note, the company that built the 3 story building in New Jersey on 13 acres that the NY Federal Reserve uses was built by Torcon, based in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico and "other Northeast US".  Tor: meaning:  hill or rocky peak.  Con: meaning: persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception. 2: Con: an instance of deceiving or tricking someone.
"when depositors, realizing that the whole thing is a con, demand repayment"

Question everything.  All evil tries to protect itself and propagate itself.

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